Vanilla planifolia




CO2 Total Extract

Vanilla is produced from the vanilla orchid, its vines grow up to 300 ft and sprout greenish yellow flowers. These greenish yellow flowers produce pod shaped fruit known as vanilla beans. Vanilla was first reportedly harvested on the east coast of Mexico; present day Veracruz. Vanilla is truly a world wonder and is readily available for everybody to enjoy, for its range of potential health benefits, aroma, and flavor.

Not only has Vanilla been used for preparing food but also holds major benefits in natural healing. In a 2007 study by the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” researchers found that vanilla possess rich nutrients, organic compounds, and antioxidants that have considerable health benefits. Vanilla’s main active ingredient, vanillin is shown to have great potential as a health supplement. In a 2011 issue of the “European Journal of Pharmacology” researchers discovered that vanillin has potential liver protective and anti-inflammatory abilities. Not only that, in a 2013 study the ‘Indian Journal of Experimental Biology” found that vanillin could help lower cholesterol levels and overall heart health.

In addition vanilla has been shown to increase metabolism which can assist in weight loss. The antioxidants in vanilla overall protect bodily tissue and cellular function assisting in the prevention of cancers. Vanilla has antibacterial properties that can help prevent acne, reduce scars, and/or reduce inflammation. Vanilla is critical in aromatherapy and can greatly help people with anxiety at the same time it helps satisfy cravings for “something sweet.”

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