Tea Tree

Melaleuca alternifolia




Steam Distilled

Tea Tree is probably an essential oil that you’re likely very familiar with. Due to its immunostimulant and antiseptic properties, It has gained a reputation of being known as a highly valuable medicinal oil, and has been used for millennia for treating a whole host of conditions.
Tea tree oil has a strong fragrance that is somewhat analogous to eucalyptus combined with mint.  This essential oil has a very recognizable fragrance, as it is now a common ingredient in many natural shampoos, face washes, and soaps. Tea tree is extraordinarily effective at treating various types of fungal and bacterial infections, and some medical professionals believe that it may inhibit viral reproduction.
Used in traditional aromatherapy, tea tree oil has the ability to drastically improve indoor air quality while providing a relaxing, decongestive experience.
The indigenous aborigines of Australia have used tea tree oil for thousands of years, extracting it from Melaleuca alternifolia, which is a species of the tree in the Myrtle family. They have historically used it to treat a multitude of health conditions and disorders. Tea tree oil has been used by various tribes in the region as a means of treating colds coughs, skin conditions and sore throats.
The main genus used to acquire tea tree oil is the Melaleuca alternifolia, although Melaleuca armillaris, and Melaleuca leucadendra are genetically very similar and are more widely used throughout their native areas of Vietnam and Malaysia. What was once an obscure medicinal extract used exclusively in Australia, tea tree oil has now become one of the leading naturopathic essential oils used in products worldwide.
Tea tree oil is a primary component in KININ Recover, and is also present in KININ Switch.

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