Picea mariana




Steam Distilled

For hundreds of years, the indigenous people of North America have used black spruce for various medicinal purposes.

Black spruce essential oil is collected from conifer trees from the pine plant family, and are known for having great healing benefits. Tribes from all over North America traveled long distances to collect spruce needles and twigs that were boiled down and made into extracts which they used in traditional medicine.

With more modern essential oil production techniques,  the final product is much more refined, and easier to work with.

There is recent evidence from various medical studies to suggest that black spruce essential oil can stimulate hormonal production. It can be also be used to as an anti-bacterial agent, anti-viral compound, for respiratory clearing, mental clarity improvement, support of the endocrine system.

Black Spruce is a key ingredient in KININ’s Switch Blend Wellness Pod.

Pods Including This Ingredient

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