Myristica fragrans




Steam Distilled

Ahhh nutmeg – one of those familiar fragrances associated with baking in the kitchen. This spice is typically paired with other warm spices such as cinnamon and clove.  The discovery of nutmeg occurred in the appropriately named “spice islands,” and quickly made its way into every chef’s kitchen worldwide. This spice was so sought after that the dutch started a war during the space trade in order to control the worldwide supply of nutmeg.
This essential oil is produced from the fruit of the myristica fragrans, which is better known as “true nutmeg.” The oil is produced from the seed of the ripe fruit. As pleasing as nutmeg is, an equally displeasing substance – mace is produced from the web like wrapping around one its cousin plants.
The nutmeg tree grows up to 70 feet tall, and can take up to 20 years to fully mature and bear fruit.
The essential oil from nutmeg is known to have many different wellness properties, including alleviation of stress, libido enhancement, blood sugar regulation, prevention of bad breath and detoxification.

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