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Ginger is a both a culinary and medicinal plant, meaning that it is both delicious and useful! The predominant part of the plant that is used for human consumption is the root both as a spice, and as an essential oil. While the leaves are edible, they are not commonly used.
Ginger is very commonly used as a digestive health aid, which, incidentally, is why you feel better after having some! . The root’s scent is highly recognizable, and very soothing on the stomach.

Similar to Frankincense, ginger was considered a luxury item only available to the wealthy in pre-biblical times. Frequently used in the Far East as medicine, ginger has been used treat a range of common illnesses for the more fortunate. Eventually the root made its way to the mediterranean and subsequently to the Roman Empire, where it was used as a delicacy in foods and deserts, further driving the price of raw material up.

Ginger can grow effectively in any subtropical climate. The floral characteristics of the plant make it an attractive addition to landscaping in sub-tropical and tropical areas. The reason that this plant and its essential oils have been used so frequently as a natural aid is that it contains a variety of active compounds, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Ginger root is commonly recommended to treat nausea, as it has This is chemical compounds that block serotonin receptors in your gut, which instruct the human brain to prevent the sensation of nausea. Ginger also contains an enzyme called zingibain, which helps assists in the breakdown of proteins consumed by humans, and thus acts as a digestion aid. Ginger or ginger essential oil is frequently included in children’s cough medicine, as it helps break down mucous in the lungs, while assisting with the prevention of further infection.

Using aromatherapy to diffuse ginger essential oils is very common, and has been proven to reduce anxiety and exhaustion, which are frequent causes of over-eating.  Ginger is a primary ingredient in KININ’s Crave Wellness Pods. 

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